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HYOUTEI BAG CHECKS (p.60-61, 104-105, 138-139, 224)

Bag checks for Oshitari Yuushi, Mukahi Gakuto, Shishido Ryou, Akutagawa Jirou, Kabaji Munehiro, Ohtori Choutarou and Hiyoshi Wakashi.



Possessions Check of Oshitari by Atobe Keigo
Atobe: I can see it all!

With his Insight, Atobe can see the truth in what the regular carries around! To start with, poker face genius player Oshitari's real face becomes clear!?

Atobe: This is what Hyoutei's genius has in his bag!

Oshitari: Don't be so loud.

These are the contents of Oshitari's bag!

1. Love novel
He reads on the train to and from school and during break time. Recently his favourite is agonising love stories by female writers.

2. Movie magazine
He faithfully checks for new movies in the magazine. On Wednesdays when there is no club activities, he oftens goes to the cinema with someone.

3. Glasses wipe
He has various kinds of wipes for glasses. At the moment he prefers to use a scented kind for relaxing effects.

4. Mobile phone
He uses the slim, folding kind. Although he uses it mostly for calls, he also uses it a lot for mail. There have been occasions when Atobe got angry because he used it during club.

5. Totem-pole pencils
He carves them using a cutter on pencils. He got into it since doing it out of boredom during class. Although he said "it increases my concentration," the real purpose is a mystery.

Atobe: Why do you use pencils? A~an?

Oshitari: Don't ask.


Possessions Check of Mukahi by Hiyoshi Wakashi
Hiyoshi: He's too fast.

Mukahi confidently participates in the bag check saying "what I have is cooler than Oshitari's." Hiyoshi, who happens to be there, performs the check...

Mukahi: You'll see cool stuff! Ahaha!

Hiyoshi: Oh... I'm looking forward to it.

These are the contents of Mukahi's bag!

1. Bird feathers he picked up
He picks them up after they're dropped by birds. After he sterilises these feathers with pretty colours, he make them into accessories.

2. Purse for small change with bird picture
He brings small change to school because big wallets are bulky. There is a picture of a weather vane on the purse.

3. Feather accessory
One of his many feather accessories. He bought it from a stall at the park on his way home from school a few days ago.

4. Half-sized note book
He likes to use half-sized things because he likes to carry less weight. His classmate says it seems like he uses this note book for all the subjects. Sometimes he leaves his textbooks in school

rather than bring them home.

5. Net pencil case
He chooses the lightest even when selecting pencil case. Inside there's a mechanical pencil, an eraser and 1-2 pens and when he needs anything else he borrows from classmates.

Hiyoshi: Surprisingly ordinary.

Mukahi: Dammit, the young one's being cheeky!


Possessions Check of Shishido by Oshitari Yuushi
Oshitari: Don't be scared.

Shishido practises tennis everyday from dawn to dusk. Oshitari steals Shishido's bag while he is practising, and discovers surprising items!?

Oshitari: Here, let's take a look.

Shishido: Oshitari! What are you look at!

These are the contents of Shishido's bag!

1. Plasters
WIth the harsh training, he gets cuts and scrapes. Although he brings this around with him, there are times when he doesn't bother.

2. Towel
He trains a lot and so he has a large one to wipe sweat with. He has a spare one in the locker.

3. Power ball
A training equipment that exercises the fingers and wrist using centrifugal forces. He uses it when moving around or in class, whenever he gets a moment.

4. Jumping rope
He uses it when there are no free courts during club practice. Like running, it's a a good thing because it doesn't use the mind.

5. Mint gum
He likes mint flavours but isn't too fixed on it. He chews on gum when he wants to concentrate or when he wants to clear his mind.

6. Photos of pet dog
Shishido's family dog. He brought the photos to school because dog-loving classmates say they want to see it.

Oshitari: The photos of your pet dog are surprisingly cute.

Shishido: Oi! Don't get your fingerprints on them!


Possessions Check of Jirou by Atobe Keigo
Atobe: I'll look now!

Jirou, who is always sleeping, is surprisingly interested in the bag check!? After waking up, Jirou pushes Atobe to look at his bag!!

Jiro: Really really? You want to see what I have!? This is embarrassing~!!

Atobe: Suck me. [I don't know what he's saying. Maybe "I'll look then, Jiro."]

These are the contents of Jirou's bag!

1. Pocky
Because he said "I sleep because I'm hungry," the girls in his class put these inside his bag when he was sleeping.

2. Manga
He likes to read manga book better than from a magazine. He borrowed this after his older brother, who likes the same manga, finished reading.

3. Bunta's wrist band
He forcibly took this off Rikkai's Marui Bunta during the newcomer's tournament in their ichinen. The maker is Bunta's favourite, Wilson.

4. Mobile phone with GPS capability
His parents gave this to him because they're worried about Jiro being able to sleep anywhere. But usually it is out of battery.

5. Copies of class notes
His classmates got together and made this for all the subjects for Jirou, worried about him because he sleeps before tests too.

6. Alarm clock that adjusts the time using radio waves
A birthday present from members of the club. He likes it but there's no sign of it being used.

Atobe: What, you have nothing but gifts inside. Are you listening? Jirou!

Jirou: zzz


Possessions Check of Kabaji by Atobe Keigo

Kabaji happily accepts Atobe's sudden bag check! He is someone who speaks little about himself. Actually, Hyoutei's most mysterious person has in his bag...

Atobe: I'm going to look, Kabaji!!

Kabaji: Usu.

These are the contents of Kabaji's bag!

1. Mobile phone
He has it because Atobe told him to. He gets contacted by Atobe with it, and doesn't use it otherwise, unless in an emergency.

2. Huge eraser
He bought this which was the size of his palm. He cuts and shares it with people who forgets their erasers, so it's become much smaller.

3. Simple sewing set
He has it with him because the club uniform might fray. He's the best at sewing in the club.

4. Letters to Atobe
He gets asked to take letters to Atobe, who is famous both in and outside of school. Usually he gets asked by girls from other schools. He gives them to Atobe after school.

5. Water in a bottle (see this)
Mineral water from Italy, recommended by Atobe. It's enriched with oxygen and said to improve sport performance. When he's finished drinking it, the bottle is used for bottle ships.

Atobe: Yosh! It's done! Kabaji!!

Kabaji: Usu.


Possessions Check of Choutarou by Shishido Ryou
Shishido: Gekidasa da na!

Soft-hearted Ohtori can't say no to the sudden bag check!? In place of Atobe, doubles partner Shishido checks the bag!!

Shishido: Let's have a look, Choutarou!!

Choutarou: Yes, Shishido-san!

These are the contents of Choutarou's bag!

1. Tuning fork
Having perfect pitch, he doesn't need it for tuning, but the high-pitched note from the tuning fork can calm him down.

2. Sketch book
There are sketches of roadside scenaries. It's because drawings are better for memories than photos.

3. Watercolour pencils
It's inconvenient to take drawing equipment around, so he uses colouring pencils that can give watercolour effect. Normally he prefers light colours.

4. A piece of mint gum
He got it from Shishido during morning practice, but actually he doesn't like mint-flavoured gum.

5. Senpei (it's a type of snacks)
He got this from an old lady for helping her with heavy things. The other day he got candies for helping someone who was lost.

6. Fossil
An ammonite he picked up during kindergarten times. He feels it's connected with the ancient world and since then has kept it carefully.

Shishido: Choutarou! You've got a stone in your bag, it's kinda pretty!

Choutarou: Yes... Shishido-san.


Possessions Check of Hiyoshi by Atobe Keigo
Atobe: Here, let's have a look!

Hiyoshi who uses gekokujyou, doesn't want buchou Atobe to check his bag!? Suddenly, at the word of the bag check, Hiyoshi cannot hide his agitation...

Atobe: I'm going to take a personal look!

Hiyoshi: Na...!

These are the contents of Hiyoshi's bag!

1. Novel on the seven school mysteries
It's annoying to have people know what he's reading so he uses a book cover. He borrows often from the library.

2. Personal chopsticks
A rare item that's lacquered which he's fixated about. Not just at school, he often uses them when he eats out also.

3. Wet tissues
He uses it for wiping hands and racket etc. When he's sweaty he loses concentration.

4. Contact lens case
Since going to middle school his eyesight has got wose. He doesn't like glasses and only wears them at home.

5. Disposable camera
He was given this as a member of journalist committee. So far none of the photos Hiyoshi's taken has appeared in the school newspaper.

6. Photo of UFO (?)
A picture of a strange shadow near a building. It's not clear where he got it from or if Hiyoshi took the picture himself.

Atobe: Isn't this a fake photo? A~an?

Hiyoshi: I don't want to answer.

I don't know about you, but if I was Bunta, I'd be pretty creeped out by Jirou.
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