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Win your way to their hearts!

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Private Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Secondary School

The second release following the highly recommended manual for Hyoutei Gakuen! Get closer to the real Rikkai students using these 3 strategy reports!

Full of exclusive scoop!!
Get real close to Rikkai Tennis Club, currently active in the National Tournament!!

Read the 3 big reports and master Rikkai!

Special interview at the end!!

Rumours of Rikkai Students: What sort of people are the tennis club members!?
The Rikkai Dai Fuzoku tennis club are leading towards 3 consecutive wins at the National Tournament, a group of absolute strength who are boasting themselves as the "winners"! Let's find out more about the club members from other Rikkai students!

Girl from Cheerleading Club
A group of stoic people who make me feel victory is certain! They aren't particularly sociable, but they sometimes thank us for our support.

Member of Supporting Group
I admire that strength! All of them hold the Winners Rikkai title proudly and we always let them know this through our support!

Tennis club ichinen
The senpai regulars are always having a practice menu that is many times more work than our own! As expected there's no way we can follow that.


Report 1 - School life made clear!!
How do they spend school life outside tennis club? We spend 1 day to find out!

Complete coverage of lessons of class 3A!!
We give complete coverage of class 3A, the class which Sanada-kun and Yagyuu-kun belong to! We find out what they are really like in class. All the details are here!

Year 3 Class A
Sanada-kun, Yagyuu-kun

Class 3A's timetable
Period 1
(8:30 ~ 9:20)
Period 2
(9:30 ~ 10:20)
PE (soccer)
Together with the next-door class!
Today's PE is soccer with Class B! Those from the tennis club have great sports senses and are very active in the class!
Class 3B's Niou-kun, Marui-kun.
20 minutes break
Period 3
(10:40 ~ 11:30)
Chosen subject (society)
Sanada-kun chooses "history"!
Choose from "economics", "history" and "cvics" for the society class. Sanada-kun is good at history and smoothly answers the teacher's question during class!
Period 4
(11:40 ~ 12:30)
Home Economics (cooking practice)
"Kinpira Gobou" is on the menu!!
The class gets to cooking once they understand what they need to do! Yagyuu-kun did well using the kitchen knife boldly!
[note: Kinpira gobou (金平牛蒡) is a traditional dish made of burdock, carrot, seasame oil, chilli, sugar, soya sauce, cooking wine and other ingredients.]
Afternoon break
Period 5
(13:30 ~ 14:20)
Modern literature
Period 6
(14:30 ~ 15:20)
Art (outdoor sketching)
Cleaning (for those on duty)
Club activity

Memo from the editors: Strict even at break time!!
The regulars like to come and visit Sanada-kun and Yagyuu-kun's classroom during break time. When they saw Akaya-kun running down the corridor, they shouted at him...

Tennis Club Questionnaire 1
What do you eat for lunch?
[clockwise from top]

Bento [black]
Mother makes it every morning. It is very delicious. [the language sounds like Yukimura]
Fufu... I make my own omlettes because I'm confident in my skills. [sounds like Bunta]

School meal [dark grey]
The large yakiniku set from school is reaaaaally tasty-su! [definitely Akaya]
Eating school meal is economical! [probably Sanada]

Buy at shop [light grey]

Others - multiple lunches [white]
After eating the bento I go and buy bread and pudding, because just bento isn't enough! [Jackal?]


Report 2 - How they spend their days off, made clear!!
We successfully took pictures of how they spend the days without club practice! All of them seem to totally enjoy their days off.

Research on the hang-out spots of tennis club members!!

Kirihara-kun, Marui-kun, Jackal-kun
Having lots of fun at the games centre!?
The three of them were found at the large games centre in front of the train station! Kirihara-kun shows off his skills at beat-'em-ups and attracted a crowd.

Witnessed reading at the park!
Yagyuu-kun read quietly. The way he sits properly to read is as if this is a painting.

Yanagi-kun, Yukimura-kun
Gone shopping at the mall!!
It looks like Yanagi-kun went shopping with Yukimura-kun. What did they get...?

Memo from the editors: Sometimes the whole team goes to the yakiniku house!!
Afterwards, everyone went to eat yakiniku together. So once in a while there's a day like this!

Tennis Club Questionnaire 1
How do you spend long holidays?

Spring Break
Yanagi's uncle has a pension, so we go there for training camp. The air there is really nice. [Probably Yukimura, although he said Yanagi, not Renji...]

I intently pursue nothing but the way of the sword at the dojo at home. It is not me to spend the holidays sluggishly. [Sanada]

Summer Break
There's a matsuri at the shrine close to school, so on the way back after practice we all go there. [Niou]

I go to my granny who lives on a farm! Because there's club practice I only stay for a night, but catching beetles is fun! [Akaya]

Winter Break
For mental training, it'd be swimming in the cold... isn't it horrible? Ah, Sanada! S-sorry. [poor Jackal...]

Of course winter is about Christmas! Champagne and cake and... ah, I bake cake at home! [Bunta, aren't you too young for champagne?]


Report 3 - Love life made clear!!
And so we come to this report's main part. We investigate fully the love lives of everyone!

Being popular is bad on Valentine's Day!?
As expected from Rikkai tennis club which is aiming for 3 consecutve national wins, they've become both famous and popular! Of course on Valentine's Day they shoe locker and desks become filled with chocolates.

Top 3 people receiving the most chocolate
1 - Yukumura Seiichi-kun - 125
2 - Marui Bunta-kun - 72
3 - Niou Masaharu-kun - 70

Captain Yukimura-kun receives the most chocolates. He is nice and gives something in return and so he's popular! [not sure]

From Rikkai's female students!
At the student committe Yanagi-senpai is really cool and his speech is persuasive!

I like the look of happiness on Kirihara-kun's face during PE.

Yagyuu-san helps people to carry things; he's nice and so he's popular!

Confession locations in the campus!?
It's said that there's a large tree in the campus and a lot of confessions happen under that tree... and Niou-kun is spotted being confessed to!
There's a theory that it's good to make confessions under this tree!?

Memo from the editors: Niou-kun seems troubled
Niou-kun very politely declined the confession. It seems surprising, could it be that tennis is more important to him than dating?

Tennis Club Questionnaire 3
3 questions about dating!

1 - Do you prefer a girl to wear skirt or trousers?
Skirt [black]
Trousers [grey]
Others [white]
Although I don't like skirts too short, I like girls in skirts. [sounds like Yagyuu]

2 - What do you do when there's someone you like?
Immediately confess - 2 people
Stay silent - 3 people
Don't know - 2 people
Others - 1 person
Whatever it takes, I'll definitely make the girl tell me she likes me. [Niou]

3 - How many people have you dated in the past?
About 5 - 1 person
None - 4 people
Just one - 1 person
That's too early for us!! - 1 person
Secret - 1 person


Rikkai tennis club special interview!!
Girls, really hit it home here!!
So far we've reported about their true face, and finally we interview them direct! Listen to what they look for in girls!

♥ Yukimura Seiichi-kun ♥
Let me see... I think someone who tries her best in everything is cute.
Start with sports!
The girls tennis club is recommended. He can see your hard working form from the courts next door!

♥ Kirihara Akaya-kun ♥
Ah~! Isn't it good to always look good?
Appearance is important!
Change your clothing and hair styles etc occasionally, work on the gap towards his heart everyday!

♥ Yagyuu Hiroshi-kun ♥
I get good impressions from someone who goes to cram school and studies hard.
Get good impressions from going to cram school!
Yagyuu-kun goes to cram school. Go to the same one and study hard together.

♥ Jackal Kuwahara-kun ♥
Those who lend erasers and casually nice are good.
Be considerate!
Small acts of kindness is the key to his heart! Don't forget to be considerate with what you do.

♥ Sanada Genichirou-kun ♥
I have no interest in such things! Right now I'm working towards winning at the Nationals.
Give him your support!
He's the difficult type, so support him from behind him. Support from the shadows is good.

♥ Yanagi Renji-kun ♥
Um. Someone who has her established style has her charm.
Improve yourself to start with!
It seems like he gets a good impression from people who has their own opinion. Be lucid in front of him!

♥ Niou Masaharu-kun ♥
Let's see... when they start crying I feel a bit moved. [NIOU YOU LIAR.]
Show your honest emotions!
He is weak against straight emotional displays. Sometimes striking hard with your real intention is also effective!

♥ Marui Bunta-kun ♥
Someone who wears ribbons and feel fashionable is cute!
Work hard on becoming cute!
He likes the girly type. Put work into accessories and hair style etc!

What do you think about this Rikkai Special? Although it was difficult to get the truth, Rikkai members are definitely attractive. See you again some day!

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